Teaching Studio

Photo: Jonathan Cole

Photo: Jonathan Cole

As a teacher, I seek to guide and inspire my students in all aspects of their development as artists.  This approach applies not only to the student who hopes to become a professional singer or music educator, but to the experienced amateur and absolute beginner as well.  I believe every student can develop at least a basic knowledge of his or her voice, and can use that knowledge to communicate effectively with an audience.  The interaction of text, music and drama was what drew me to vocal music initially, and I am passionate about helping students explore every facet of our art form.

I am very happy to have joined the faculty at the University of California, Santa Cruz. My previous teaching experience encompasses teaching voice majors, musical theater majors and secondary voice students at the University of Colorado at Boulder, as well as students from ages 8 to 60 in my private studios in Boulder, Chicago, and at Dana V Music, a community music school in Louisville, Colorado. 

While working towards my Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy, I received extensive training in vocal physiology, and continued my more than twenty years of Alexander Technique study.  In 2013-2014, I undertook intensive acting study at Chicago's Black Box Acting Studio.   As a participant in the 2014 NATS Intern program, I worked with acclaimed pedagogue Mary Saunders Barton on musical theater and belting techniques. 

I bring this training to the studio, working with students to develop free and efficient vocal production, with an emphasis on the breathing mechanism, so that they can express themselves fully.  I address body alignment, diction, dramatic expression, and musical and stylistic concerns with each student, to help him or her present a complete performance.  The integration of all aspects of performing is something I strive for in my own singing, and my performance experience continues to nourish my teaching as well.

 I enjoy teaching students at all levels, and across all genres, and am currently building a private studio in Santa Cruz along with my work at UCSC.    My specialties include classical music and opera, as well as lyric musical theater and belting.   Please contact me for availability and rates.

Her ability to approach the voice from both a physiological and emotional level made her a truly unique teacher, and one I could understand…[she was] always encouraging me to sing my utmost best, I made it to a level of singing I never thought I would reach…She is not only concerned about her student’s voices, but also their well being, which makes her an absolutely invaluable teacher. I am so lucky to have spent most of my college career with her as my mentor through music.
— Emily Guttmann, BA Music, University of Colorado at Boulder